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1. Everything is expensive, because everything is expensive
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  2. Best Wedding Tips images in | Wedding ideas, Wedding centerpieces, Wedding inspiration
  3. Having a Cheap Wedding is Part Art, Part Discipline, & Work
  4. Wedding venues in Melbourne seem expensive…. Why?

When you get married you want to look every bit of the beautiful dreamy bride you are. You do not want to miss out a single thing. Wedding chairs fill up the entire hall.

2. Guests first, things second

The wedding chairs for bride and groom will be the centre of attention on the stage. You know how important Weddings are a fusion of fun, happiness, sentiments and love. The bride is glowing in lieu of her impending nuptials while the groom is all set Wardrobe malfunction is indeed something that none of us likes to experience. Well, congratulations on your impending nuptials!

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You must be super busy with the booking of marriage halls in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata The thing we all look most forward to on the engagement day is, of course, the first look of the bride and the groom. Being one of the most special days Your D-day is getting nearer! Then you must be excited about your upcoming nuptials and the post-marital bliss. But, before that, you must For a wedding, probably the most challenging aspect of the event is — Food.

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To make the wedding ceremony different, certain wedding A wedding could not be planned two months prior to the D day where you go for bridal shopping and arrange the catering etc. A wedding symbolizes As your wedding will be taking place in one of the poshest banquet halls you will be worrying about how to spend the honeymoon in this summer heat It is that time of the year when people from around the country are looking forward to embark on the most exciting journey of their lives; Marriage!

A wedding has to be perfect.

A Few Ideas for Lighting Your Wedding

This is the event that marks the beginning of the rest of your life. Your wedding is the perfect occasion for your friends Centrepieces set the tone for an entire wedding event.

Best Wedding Tips images in | Wedding ideas, Wedding centerpieces, Wedding inspiration

Designing your wedding centrepieces can be tough even when you are getting married The haute couture scene in India is more than just a fashion statement. It is a presentation of beautiful embroidery, magnificent design, and As we know that wedding is the most important day in the life of a bride. But it is equally crucial for the mother as well. She is another person The best thing about a wedding is all the decking up you get to do.

Every woman thinks about their time as a bride when they dress up to Variable customs and bountiful cultures are surrounding the wedding realm all over the world. And one of the most colourful and scintillating of After spending a number of days mulling over wedding celebrations, preparing list of marriage halls in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai or wherever you wanted A Kamarbandh is a nice, exquisite piece of jewellery worn by a bride.

Made famous by brides from South India, where a Kamarbandh is But they are very hectic and stressful. Ahh, the Punjabis!!! Well, we all have Punjabi friends in our life and we know what a fun-loving breed they are! Punjabis are happy-go-lucky and extremely vivacious When you have plans to organize a big fat Indian wedding, you need to have a full grasp of what all are you going to include into your wedding Since this is going to be your wedding, the glam factor is already touching the roof for you.

While checking out for the wedding venues in The Big Fat Indian Wedding comes with many pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals, whether you are getting married in a farmhouse or in the As the summer intrudes into what was supposed to be springtime, the blistering constant heat and sweat turn out to be irritable. Weddings are one of the happiest events in life. You get to wish a lifetime of peace and happiness to a close one embarking on a new journey Imagine your wedding day in one of the best banquet halls in Gone are the days when weddings used to be a winter affair.

How To: DIY Wedding Planning Binder: How to - Wedding Planning

The youth of today has to deal with the parental pressure of finding If so, rest assured that this is totally normal. As the The months leading up to your wedding are often stressful ones. Right from finding the best wedding halls in Delhi to selecting the best bridal Indian wedding is a grand affair where every ritual, pre- and post-wedding holds a special importance.

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That is why every possible measure is Your wedding day is the occasion when you are going to be under the bright spotlight. And too bad, you cannot avoid it! Perfection is what A wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding function, now in Indian weddings as well. Traditionally, the wedding cakes When you are invited to a cocktail party the first thing you think about is your dress.

Be it wedding halls in Mumbai or a corporate affair, your With the millions and millions of people Planning your wedding can be quite painstaking, but the venue selection and that too best banquets in Delhi amongst it, is surely one of We all know how a bride-to-be is always expected to look not just at the wedding but also at the many ceremonies, events, parties and get-togethers Indian weddings are a big deal.

Even if it is not one of the high profile weddings with the budget in crores, there are various things to take care Marriage is all about emotions, blessings, happiness and glitters that centres the ceremony throughout the planning. While you are thinking All the brides-to-be out there, if you want to make the best fashion and style statement, you just cannot miss a distinctive nath that screams The Indian wedding is all about pomp and show.

From looking for a wedding banquet to going on a bridal shopping spree you have a lot on your No Indian wedding menu can be concluded without sweets. Even the decision of finalising the wedding banquet totally depends on the variety A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without serving some finger-licking food to the honourable guests. Earlier a Halwai along with his team With the battle of the east or west, we always agree, why not both?

The blend of the good things from both sides of the world is a satisfying With the enchanting talent of tailoring Indian, traditional textiles, and craftsmanship in blooming European silhouettes, Tarun Tahiliani One of the best wedding planning portals, it serves a rich selection of luxury bridal outfits and wedding locations to its Instagram fan base Indian Wedding Decorations are always elaborate and need your full attention and a lot of time.

There has to be a lot of planning with your chosen It is your sangeet function, what do you want to do? Be lazy or be seen? You need to get hold of some good dance songs for bride. You must Time to rise and shine! All ladies want to smell pretty. While you graciously move into a room or a marriage hall, the best way you can mark your presence is the aroma you From themes, decorations, catering, props and party Engagements are just a remembrance that you are about to get hitched. So just brace yourself for all the fun ahead Everybody secretly has wedding plans for themselves or a close one soon to get hitched.

It might be embarrassing, so people keep their daydreams When your D-Day is getting nearer, your beauty sessions are definitely going to intensify. Yes, we are talking about your wedding plans where you are A honeymoon is no random plan like that of preparing for a best wedding destination. You need to carry every essential and everything fancy for a You will have a grand wedding that your family has pulled off with a lot of hard work.

You must have done so much to make sure the wedding or the A very common fashion question is less about fashion and more about what takes the brunt of it. Women all over the world want to find out how to Indian weddings have a unique air about them. The very rituals A Marwari wedding is full of fun and riches.

Having a Cheap Wedding is Part Art, Part Discipline, & Work

But the rituals are elaborate and strictly followed. Every Marwari wedding ceremony or wedding Weddings are not just about the bride and bridal wear. The groom is also an equal recipient of the fashion censure. Indian wedding wear for Weddings are fun.

Wedding venues in Melbourne seem expensive…. Why?

But they are tough on the people who arrange it. With the size of families getting smaller, and people moving out of the city for Your wedding is not the day to go cheap on anything, say it the wedding venues in Gurgaon, catering service, bridal dress or the makeup. The modern Indian wedding has warmed up to a lot of changes in the Indian wedding venues ,traditions and rituals.

The rituals all remain but are DIY nail art designs are not as difficult to pull off as they look. All the nail art videos you have seen involve complicated procedures. An Indian wedding is all about the colours and the noise.

Western weddings are all white, peaceful, sweet yes, but there is nothing as lively as an There are numerous honeymoon places in India to fall in love with It is difficult to find time to go for bridal shopping. Firstly, you are working overtime at the office, to make up for the holidays for your wedding The foremost ceremonies before the marriage, Engagement Functions are full of sentiments, emotions and happiness that revolves around The eyes of a woman hide a world of mysteries. The eyes of a bride reveal hints of her innermost thoughts at a glance.

The coy look she gives If it is mehendi clubbed sangeet Checking out the regular shops at the mall for a bridal dress is too basic. If you want a unique bridal wear for your wedding, look for no less than Bridal makeup and jewellery is elaborate and needs thorough planning. You need to keep your hair healthy and nourished for months so that The first birthday is a grand occasion to celebrate.

With lots of appropriate themes, ideas and exciting food, organise the party to celebrate Indian weddings are full of fun and energy. There are way too many ceremonies to keep a track of. The blouse design can make or break your saree no matter how expensive and beautiful the saree itself is. You need to spend the time to creatively What is the most important event of a regular personal life?