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Louis lies some amazing float trips on the Upper Meramec.

Paddling the River

An easy-going river, the Meramec is a scenic masterpiece. One masterpiece, Fishing Springs Cave, is located along the river. Here you can pull up and explore the cave. A post shared by Margaret A. All of their float trips pass along beautiful bluffs, and Fishing Spring Cave.

Louis area. The Rafting Co.

Floating the river - Missouri River

A post shared by Amie Diestelkamp amie. Located in Southern Missouri, a relaxing float along the James River provides you with breathtaking rock bluffs and abundant wildlife. The Huzzah and Courtois are both parallel to each other and run into the Meramec River; with limestone bluffs creating an amazing backdrop the entire time. The Courtois flows into the Huzzah River eventually and is lined with dense tree cover and known for great fishing.

The two are both within the Mark Twain National Forest, and leave you with an amazing experience. They also offer camping and awesome cabin rentals! Natural springs and caves are scattered all around on the Current. The river is located in Southeastern Missouri, and flows down into Arkansas. Learn More River Maps Maps of the floatable waterways in Missouri.

The maps are highly detailed and each includes a Mile-By-Mile description.

Floating & Paddling Information for the Missouri River in Montana

These pages are easily printed out and are a valuable reference for your float. Click here to get started. YouTube Videos Get a first-hand look of float trips that others have taken. We have compiled a YouTube playlist that includes most of Missouri's floatable waterways. If you have uploaded a floating video to YouTube and would like to share it, please email the webmaster with your link.

Townsfolk complained to the marshal, William Hinson, who said regrettably, he may have thought later , "What our town needs is half a dozen hangings. The next day, the citizens told Marshal Hinson they knew who'd been stealing them blind, told him they were going to hang the fellow in half an hour, and asked him to bring a rope.


And thus Hinson's last official act was supplying the noose for his own execution. The hanging site is right next to the present-day Episcopal church, and most citizens, I imagine, would be happy to point it out to you. I don't know. I didn't get to stay in Fort Benton very long because I was late.

Floating the Mighty Free and Easy

So was everyone else. Bobbie Gilmore, a kayak guide, had come from Whitefish, Montana, hauling a trailer full of sea kayaks.

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Linnea Larson and I were driving in from the other direction, and we all got to Fort Benton at about the same time, which was several hours later than we'd planned. It was a graceful little town of shady neighborhoods and old brick buildings fronting the river. The Grand Union Hotel, once the finest accommodation between Minneapolis and Seattle, had been nicely refurbished. Wise travelers might have checked into the hotel and gotten a leisurely start in the morning.

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We packed up the kayaks in a frenzy of sweat and began having fun right away. There were no artificial lights anywhere and the stars were bright enough to cast shadows. It was a time for thoughtful comments on the journey ahead.

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There were a few pelicans downriver; they rose up as we approached and we floated under them as they soared overhead. I love the idea of pelicans miles away from any ocean and, quoting from Linnea's bird book, told everyone that the birds had a wingspan of nine feet. The Freemen had "confiscated" his video cameras, probably for being too literal about eyewitness evidence, like the wingspan of certain birds.

In point of fact, most of the "rapids" marked on the map are from the steamboat days of the late s. They are gravel bars, or areas that are tricky to navigate upriver in a steamboat. The Missouri trucks along at an easy average of 3. It is a lazy float, appropriate for beginning canoeists or kayakers or rafters.

I suppose you could get in trouble on the river, but you'd have to work at it in a fairly assiduous manner. Bobbie, apparently attempting to raise the adrenaline quotient, said, "Well, in a couple of days we'll hit Deadman Rapids. They were stuck there in the throes of a navigational quandary. At this fork in the river, each stream seemed about the same size. Which was the Missouri? These days, there is little doubt. The Marias, confined by the Tiber dam, 70 miles upstream, is now little more than a creek at its confluence with the Missouri. Most of the men in the Lewis and Clark party thought the north fork, the Marias, was the Missouri; both Lewis and Clark were skeptical.

They measured the width of each stream, explored up the banks of each, and inquired locally, always a prudent move for any traveler. Bolstered by what the Indians said, they concluded, correctly, that the south fork was the Missouri and would take them into the mountains.

The river carried us past the Marias. Bobbie was giving Linnea some paddling advice. I was eavesdropping because I can use all the help I can get. At first it's just as one might expect: a big, slow-moving river meandering across a high plain, with mountains shining in the far distance. But at the ferry-crossing town of Virgelle, the river changes direction, sweeping almost 90 degrees from northeast to southeast.

The Missouri straightens out and floaters find themselves, for part of the rest of the trip, in a canyon several hundred feet deep. It is a relatively new thing, this canyon. The Missouri used to flow north, toward Hudson Bay, but glaciers grinding down from Canada during the Ice Age blocked the northward run and formed a dam that turned the river south and east. The Missouri spun about in a rage and shot through soft rock to the south, tearing up the land in a fury of frustration.

The rocks were and are soft because this area of Montana was once a vast inland sea. Dinosaurs romped along on its banks, especially to the east, near the final stretch of what is now the classic Wild and Scenic float. Meanwhile, tributary streams flowing into the Missouri from either side formed their own small canyons, which cut into the main channel of the river.

It is a strange, crumpled landscape, odd and alien and vaguely disturbing. The land seems not at all as it should be; it looks somehow shattered, broken, and anyone who sees it will know immediately why the area is known as the Missouri Breaks. Ten miles into the canyon, sandstone parapets rose on the riverbanks, and the vertically striated columns stood out like eroded statues in Egyptian temples.

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  7. Lewis, with "the help of a little immagination and an oblique view," saw "eligant ranges of lofty freestone buildings, having their parapets well stocked with statuary. Stan Laurel. Not only was he a great big huge powerful guy, he was the best cook on the float. This evening he'd made pad thai on a camp stove, and it was delicious.