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Numerous minor bug fixes and tweaks. Version 1. If not, the file is re-loaded instead of crashing. Text selection now works again.

Get in touch with the new Microsoft Office - First Look

Re-designed the Resource Manager window. Modified the CopyText code, to compensate for scrolling the page. Fixed an issue with the Settings window, which would fail to clear the list of categories, and would duplicate items in the list. Re-implemented Drag-and-Drop. Now using the PageSetupDialog for margins info, and the PrintDialog for other options and finally sending data to the printer. PDF does not support reversed bit order, so we 'un-reverse' the bits ourselves. However, it applies to all generators of AFP. These functions can be used to modify existing pages. I abandoned these functions a year ago.

I got them working today. Converted source code from Visual Basic 6. Net Removed all UDTs. I spent 3 years see not thinking about it.

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But now I finally got the image consolidation working well. Removed old unused functions.

Renamed some functions for clarity. Fixed the same error for TTF fonts. Only converts the images in the PageSegments.. Does not convert the text in the PageSegment.. File Properties window now renders the Associated Icon correctly. Fixed an issue where the default ZOOM value could be saved as a value too large, and would prevent the program from opening ever again.

Arabic fonts for the Mac

Previously, this was only done for coded fonts. This problem was most likely introduced on The resource is not in-line. The resource is referenced with a name like 'X1' but the actual resource name is 'X0'. Thanks to David Vose for the sample files to assist in resolving these issues! This can be used to add content to an existing page.

This can be used to create a Form object, which is essentially an object that can be applied to other pages.

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This is for changing the order of the pages before closing the file. This basically copies all of the existing PDF, except for the closing structures, and allows the file to be appended with other modPDFwrite functions. Though not really related to the AFPviewer, this is still extremely cool. This error prevented the "Delete File" and "Move File" functions from working.

This error was most likely introduced on Replaced with a frame on the Preferences window. The result is a smaller EXE. Basically, bolted some ugly code onto a few procedures. This I think is very cool. Re-designed the Preferences window, with a more user-friendly interface, more options, and more expandability.

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It just works. Con: Larger and more complex PDF files. Pro: Can be a fall-back if font-mapping is not available. Replaced with the new Resource Manager interface. This used to be a separate program. This will probably be changed at some point. Faster, but kind of obscure. Modified the Find window in the Viewer program to display the number of results when the 'Display Results In A List' option is selected. Now faster and cleaner.

Alice Randall > Compare Discount Book Prices & Save up to 90% >

The IOCA image-rendering functions could use a clean-up. Basically, after drawing a page, the program sets the focus to the frame that displays the page. The program is roughly 30, lines of code, not counting blank lines or comments. This would eliminate the need for font-mapping, but could result in larger PDF files, and decreased text fidelity. This means there are far fewer variables being passed from function to function. Cleaner code. Also, this makes the code more like a Class than a Module. It doesn't quite work right for rotated text yet though.

So, not done yet. Need to remedy this. Instead of copying the entire image, it is now broken down into tiles and copied. This gets around some memory limitations. Maximum tile size is set at x pixels for now. No noticable change in speed. Now much faster, and results can be displayed in a list. Most frequently used variables are now stored as Private variables. Once for the images, and again for the text, lines, and psegs. It's not super-fast, but it gets the job done. Need to update other modules. Add support for 32bit images! Add support for tiled images! May be related to Relative Metrics.

Modified the way the output file is managed in modAFPwrite. Patterns are 1bit and allow transparency, so this should be a safe change. Slightly modified File Properties window in Viewer program. Added support for more fields. The function treats each row of the BMP as a cell with a height of 1 pixel. Supports 1-bit images. These will probably never be used. Instead, it separates the integer and decimal parts of a number using integers and appends the integer and first 3 decimal digits.

Some Performace increase. Modified Viewer program to convert null characters char 0 to spaces when viewing file comments. Eventually, this may be used for writing Linearized PDFs not for a while.

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Added 'copy selected text' functionality to Viewer program. Not super-precise, but it works. Only modDC and modPrinters need to be addressed. The above changes help reduce file size, and they are recommended by the PDF spec. Re-implemented the change from to reference fonts by shorter names 'F0', 'F1', 'F2', etc. This allows the white areas to be transparent. The above change allows images with the same name from different folders to be embedded.